What about the offering?

my offering.jpg

When will they take the offering?  How will it be collected?  How much am I expected to give?  Do they want visitors to contribute too?   These are typical worries about church offerings.

Scripture teaches that our offerings to God should reflect our belief that everything we have is a gift of God.  He does not compel us to give “a tithe” as he did the Old Testament believer.  Instead St. Paul tells us that “God loves a cheerful giver” (2 Corinthians 9:7)  In other words, don’t feel compelled by guilt or embarrassment to give an offering.  All offerings should be made freely and with joy.

Like most Christians, our members bring offerings to God through their church.  Since offerings are gifts of love for God, no one dictates what each person is to give.

We pass an offering plate after the sermon so our worship may include bringing gifts to God. Offering envelopes are available to members to keep their gifts a private matter.

A child may bring the quarters and dimes his parents give him.  Someone older may write a check. Both are remembering Jesus and giving their gift out of love for him.

You may wish at first to learn more about our ministry before bringing your offerings to God through our church. But you are welcome to participate as the Holy Spirit leads you to give.


We give thee but thine own, whatever the gift may be;
All that we have it thine alone, a trust O Lord, from thee.

~ William W. How, 1823-97