Lent, Holy Week & Easter Schedule


✝️ Wednesday Lenten Worship Services:
A meal will be served at 6 PM.
Worship Services will be held at 7 PM.

  • Wed. February 22 ~ Ash Wednesday Service (cancelled due to weather)
  • Wed. March 1 ~ Midweek Lent Service
  • Wed. March 8 ~ Midweek Lent Service
  • Wed. March 15 ~ Midweek Lent Service
  • Wed. March 22 ~ Midweek Lent Service
  • Wed. March 29 ~ Midweek Lent Service

✝️ Holy Week Worship Services

  • Sunday, April 2 at 8:45 AM ~ Palm Sunday Worship Service
  • Thurs. April 6 at 7 PM ~ Maundy Thursday Worship Service with Communion
  • Friday, April 7 at 7 PM ~ Good Friday Worship Service

✝️ Easter Sunday Worship Service and Brunch

  • Sunday, April 9th at 8:45 AM ~ Easter Worship Service
  • Sunday, April 9th at 10 AM ~ Easter Brunch

Online Resources

Lent and Easter Bible readings

Psalm 22

Isaiah 53

John 19

John 20

Learn about Holy Week

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Hallelujah! Jesus lives! He is now the Living One;
From the gloomy halls of death Christ the Conqueror has gone,
Bright Forerunner to the skies of His people, yet to rise.

Jesus lives! Let all rejoice! Praise Him, ransomed ones of earth.
Praise Him in a nobler song, cherubim of heavenly birth.
Praise the Victor-King, whose sway Sin and death and hell obey.

Jesus lives! Why weepest thou? Why that sad and frequent sigh?
He who died our Brother here, lives our Brother still on high.
Lives forever to bestow blessings on His Church below.

Jesus lives! And thus, my soul, life eternal waits for thee;
Joined to Him, thy living Head, where He is, thou, too shalt be;
With Himself, at His right hand, Victor over death shalt stand.

~ Carl B. Garve (1825)