WSC Mission Projects

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Befriend a Mission

The Befriend A Mission (BAM) program encourages women of the LWMS to remember the missions of WELS as well as the missionaries who serve them. Every two years, the LWMS circuits are assigned specific world and home missions. The women of the circuit pray for those missions, write letters of encouragement, and sometimes send small gifts or care packages.

Central Africa Medical Mission

At the CAMM they don’t have prescription bottles; so they put the medicine/pills into these bags, tie them shut and send them home with the patient. Before the finished bags were shipped, Bible verses in the appropriate language for the patients of Malawi or Zambia were insert them into each bag.

Open Door Mission/Lydia House

Donations for the needy in our community

Other mission projects

  • Peridot-Our Savior’s Lutheran School, Peridot, AZ
  • Mission to the Children, Tucson, AZ