A Reformation 500 Personal Devotional Booklet

“It suits me well to teach children by means of pictures, plays and songs.   Whatever is presented to us in word must be reduced to pictures, for without a picture we can neither think nor understand anything.  That is how Christ, everywhere in the Gospel, carried out his ministry.  He taught people the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven by means of visible pictures and parables.”   ~ Martin Luther, Easter Sunday sermon, 1533, Torgau, Germany

catechismHow to use the picture catechism

  • pocket or purse
  • morning or evening devotions
  • read a page a day for 21 days
  • give it to someone who was confirmed
  • send to someone who has drifted away from church

Did you know that Martin Luther’s original little catechism was a 40-page pamphlet?

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Who is Martin Luther?

Luther was a university professor in Wittenberg some 500 years ago.  As Lecturer on the Bible, he wrote voluminously, and used the newly-invented printing press as his social media.

This former monk married a nun to honor marriage.  A deep-seated interest in children led him to be a pioneer in modern education.  He also wrote childlike hymns that still go to people’s hearts.

Luther did not invent what he taught. From studying the Bible, Professor Luther passed the good news of God’s justice and love into his classroom and home activities, throughout his writings, and by means of counseling, to both prince and peasant.

2017: a mile-marker

It has now been 500 years since Martin Luther ignited the Reformation of the Christian Church.  Something he did that has somehow made it to the present day:  Martin wrote a little book of questions and answers called a catechism. It was Martin’s hope that Christians would page through his booklet every day.

Why?  Luther’s little catechism points to Christ. Jesus is a sinner’s holiness. The devil wants you to doubt that.  May Martin Luther’s Catechism with Pictures be used – and loved – by you.