Confirmation Class

Pre-teen Confirmation Bible Study holds classes during the week, fall through spring.  For grades 6-8, this is an opportunity to gain knowledge and wisdom concerning God’s Word, and increase their faith in the salvation of Jesus Christ.  Upon being confirmed, they will be encouraged to partake often of the Lord’s Supper at Living Hope.

Your child will study Luther’s Catechism.  Dr. Martin Luther wrote the Small Catechism so that all Christians might have a short and simple summary of the main truths the Bible teaches.

The six main parts of the Small Catechism are:

  • Part 1: The Ten Commandments
  • Part 2: The Creed
  • Part 3: The Lord’s Prayer
  • Part 4: Baptism
  • Part 5: Confession
  • Part 6: Holy Communion

They will also learn the meaning of Luther’s Shield.

Contact Pastor Jeske if you wish to enroll your child in Confirmation Class.

Adults may also have a confirmation Bible study class with Pastor Jeske.   Contact him with your questions.

Phone: (402) 896-3284

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