Praying for Florida

Friday, Sep 8, 11:30 pm – Calm before the storm on the night before Hurricane Irma hits…

Hi, this is Pastor John Backus from Christ the Lord Lutheran Church, Clearwater, FL.

It’s a beautiful night here. I’m outside Christ the Lord church, the neighborhood church that I serve as a pastor.

This might be the…it is… the last nice night we’ve got before the story of Florida changes significantly.

Right now my family is tucked away, hurricane preparations ready, in bed, just a block away in home. Most of our supplies are ready; we had a couple rushed Amazon Prime orders that got held up so we didn’t quite have all the things we needed, but we should be fine.

I was able to contact the majority of our church member families, just check in with them to do a welfare check… most of them are ready for what’s coming – both in their preparations and in their trust in God’s eternal providing hand.

Our church facility isn’t a great community shelter, but we do have opportunity to help at least one family, with several others waiting to see what tomorrow afternoon brings. Maybe we’ll be able to give them a roof over their heads and some sense of security.

What a beautiful two days it’s been out here; it’s hard to believe that a monster is heading up and about to run us over…

I wanted to reach out to all of you and say thanks to those of you who are praying for us, caring for us, and for your future acts of charity and kindness.

We trust that God, who reveals himself not through clouds, but through Bible promises, gave us his Son Jesus, proved his love for us in that way, promising that when the world goes chaotic his love remains constant and he’s got a bigger story for us, a bigger plan down the road, even when we face a beast of a monster ready to lay waste to our home.

We’ll see what happens, but whatever happens down here, we’re still good up There.

We’ll have some stories to tell after the weekend comes.

We’ll see what those stories are…

– Pastor John

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