Humble yourselves before the Lord. ~ James 4:10

humbledThis year marks the 25th anniversary of the Hubble Space Telescope. Launched in 1990, the Hubble has been in orbit ever since. The Hubble is superior to earth-bound telescopes in this way: it is able to view the heavens through the pristine clarity of space.

What it has discovered about God’s creation is beyond astounding.

For example, some years ago scientists decided to concentrate the Hubble on a tiny segment of space for a long period of time. The segment of space was about the size of a dime if you were to hold a dime up to the night sky. The picture that came back contained about 5,500 points of light. Each point of light, however, was not a star. Each was a galaxy.

Based upon what the Hubble has been able to see so far, some astronomers have developed a theory on the size of the universe. The theory goes something like this. They say that the size of the actual universe may be bigger than the visible universe in the same way that the visible universe is bigger than the atom.

And yet, even the incomprehensible vastness of God’s creation is a mere curiosity in comparison to something far greater. The thing that’s far greater is God’s love for you and me in Jesus Christ.

Think of it. The God who created cascades of galaxies by the power of one command, that same God chose to become one of us. The God who dwarfs the universe he brought into existence, that same God chose to walk among us. And he did it not to humiliate us in our smallness. He did it not to demonstrate our insignificance. Rather, he did it because we needed him. He did it because we needed someone to heal our relationship with him—the relationship that our sins had ruined. He did it because we needed a Savior.

Wise men giving gifts to the new born king Matthew 2:11

And so he came. The Creator lived a holy life on behalf of his fallen creation. Then the Creator took upon himself all of his creation’s failures and wrongs and paid for them in full on a cross. Then the Creator died. Then the Creator raised himself back to life. Now, through faith in Jesus, our relationship with our Creator is whole once again.

You and I don’t need the Hubble to fill us with humility and awe. God’s love for us in Jesus did that a long time ago.

Prayer: Lord God, I cannot comprehend the vastness of your creation. But what humbles me even more is your love for me in your Son. Fill me with holy awe for you. Amen.

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